What to Expect

Life & Advice

This blog is a story – my story and yours. Come with me as I explore a range of topics in a weekly post. I hope to take on a new, refreshing perspective that will engage, inform and inspire those who stop by. Feel free to share your thoughts by either commenting on a post or checking out my contact page.


I want to share with you the same quotes that have inspired me along the way. They’ve motivated me when I’ve felt down and kept me going when I’ve been unsure of what the next chapter of my story holds for me. Wednesday and Sunday you’ll find a new quote posted to my blog. If you have a quote that you’d like to share, drop me an email in my contact page.

Mini Moments

Pineapples…see how random that was? Well, that’s just how my mind works and sometimes I need a space to hold all of the random things that pop in my head – mini moments are exactly that. They’re super short posts that capture some of the most interesting things that I feel like are worth sharing. Do you have mini moments during the day? I’d love to hear them, shoot me a comment or link me to something you’ve posted on your page to share.

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