The Office Kitchen

I really wasn’t hungry. But the smell of toasted bagels and leftover pasta kept wafting my direction. It’s enticing smell tricking my stomach into believing it was hungry – this is the downside to sitting right next to the office kitchen. You never miss the smell of a meal.

Just as I was about to acquiesce my sudden urge to grab a snack, it hit me – the smell of fish. Oh no. I thought. Somebody had broken the number one kitchen rule at work – leave the seafood at home. The grumbles in my stomach quickly disappeared and I couldn’t help but start searching for a hiding spot, hoping that the smell would contain itself in the small area of the kitchen.

As for the seafood suspect? He stood eagerly in front of the microwave awaiting his lunch to finish warming up. Me and the rest of the office stared him down as he walked back to his desk, dragging the fishy scent further down the floor.

I commend him for this bravery, knowing that nobody enjoys the overpowering smell of seafood during the work day. It took guts to deviate from the norm. But I certainly did not enjoy having to sit in a pool of fish air until my next meeting.